Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Doing Stuff: Day 8, Elite Level Scrabble

Ilana and I have been particularly fond of Scrabble ever since we both read Stephen Fatsis' magnificent "Word Freak," which detailed the quirky world of professional Scrabble players and his own obsessive-compulsive impulses to play against the best the world has to offer in ensuring q tiles get played.

We found out about a Scrabble night in Chestnut Hill, not so far from our apartment. This event was held at the Atrios Senior Center, so I figured a few folks from the area got together to play in their rec room or something like that.

It turns out the Atrios Senior Center is actually an assisted living center, complete with its own "neighborhood" for the "memory challenged." We went to the entrance, equipped with a wheelchair lift, and rang the doorbell and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

No one came, so we put the kibosh on the plans to play elite level Scrabble. I didn't have a solid backup plan lined up because I was hoping for something low-key tonight since I'm really tired from a pretty busy day at work and I didn't feel like didn't driving all the way downtown to do something that wasn't as interesting as elite-level Scrabble. And, plus, I think more than filled my quota of giving you free entertainment with the awesomeness of God's Prayer last night.

So this night crapped out. But an honest-to-goodness good faith effort at some board game fun with my wife was made. That's all I can promise.

Ilana also made with the funny after we decided to leave. Can you imagine playing Scrabble with the memory challenged? "Mrs. R, let me see what tiles you have!"


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