Thursday, December 28, 2006

Don't Mess With Texas

* Final verdict on Santa Fe: if you're a wealthy 55-year-old woman with an interest in art collection, than this is the town for you.

* We drove from Santa Fe into Texas. The landscape changes from mountain-ish nothingness to flat nothingness with farms and a few more towns.

* Nothing smells worse than a large beef farm. It smells like ammonia dipped in a tampon held about 10 feet from your nose. A lot of West Texas smells like this.

* Got lunch/dinner in Amarillo, TX. We drove through Amarillo... this place is very visually frightening. The outskirts of town looked like a sprawl suburb place... a big mall, a few strip mall places, townhouse developments. Then the closer one gets to downtown, the shadier it got. Downtown Amarillo had nothing in it except for empty office buildings and bail bonds sales places. Route 66 (the famous road which we've been on a bunch) looks like any other highway strip anywhere else in 1978 America.

* Ate at a place called "Beans'n'Stuff" which was written about in Road Food, this book my brother got for me for our trip. My BBQ stuff was absolutely delicious. Ilana, a strident vegetarian, hasn't been getting along with Texas so much.

* Everyone in the place was staring at us like we were in a people zoo. Real life conversation with another Beans'n'stuff patron who overheard us being from Philly: "You know how we all grow cotton or beef out here? What do ya'll grow in Philadelphia?" I told him it was a city and we didn't grow too much other than the Liberty Bell. Not sure if he got the joke.

* Drove to Lubbock, TX from Amarillo. Two hours of beef farms. That cliche about the sky in Texas being absolutely enormous is 100% true.

* Went to the Texas Tech basketball game. Bobby Knight did not break the all-time coaching record. Kind of dissapointing. I love Bobby Knight. One of my all time favorite personalities. The Texas Tech arena is absolutely beautiful. The fans were really into this game -- definitely on part with the Phillies in September this year.

* Sat next to a middle ages Lubbock couple. Told them about us on the honeymoon, etc. They talked to us about life in Philly, food, etc. All kinds of stuff. At the end of the game, they GAVE US $20! Serious! What the fuck? They just give you money in Texas for no reason? Huh?


Blogger Mizzou379 said...

Yeah - Amarillo smells like rotten garbage and feces. Roll down your window at the wrong moment or have the A/C on outside air and you're fucked.

7:56 AM  

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