Saturday, March 17, 2007

Honestly, what did I do in a previous life to lead the one I lead today?

So, I have a class that meets on Saturday once a month. And all day Friday and into the wee hours of the morning, Philadelphia and its surrounding area was hit with one of the worst storms I can remember. It didn't have blizzard like snow, because that would be a bit normal. Instead, we were hit non-stop with ice and sleet. There's a few inches of just pure frozen substance on the ground.

Last night, class members and our professor were negotiating what to do because this weather is so retarded. Our professor was coming in from Harrisburg, which is like two hours west of here. He said he would call us if the school cancelled class.

My alarm wakes me up at 8. No phone call. I then confirm on my school's website that classes will be held as regularly scheduled.

I knew this was a bad day when I stepped outside and actually slid to my car. The ground is so solid with ice that it doesn't even crack underneath my body weight. It's completely, 100% solid. I reached my car and put my textbook on top of it so I could open the door. My textbook flew off the top of my car without any assistance from the wind. It slid off and then slid down our driveway even further.

I managed to clear off the car and went down our driveway, which is used by everyone on our side of the street. I zigzagged down the driveway and made it out to our road. At the end of our block, I became completely stuck. I almost got out but soon my wheels were just spinning.

I got out of my car to see if I had something in the trunk which could provide assistance -- a few years back, when my car was stuck, I diug out a copy of The Rock's autobiography and stuck it under the wheel of one of my tires and got out scott free. I put my key in the trunk and turn.


That's the noise that is made when a key snaps in the lock of your car door.

I traipsed back home, hoping that I had an extra copy of the key made. But I knew what the answer to that was already.

My car is now stuck in the middle of an intersection at a block, where at any given second it can be totalled. A helpful red and white rag is attached to the car antennae, at the suggestion of a local Philadelphia Park Ranger (don't ask), which will mean that when my car gets sideswiped in a few hours that there will be a red and white rag amongst the wreckage.


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