Saturday, March 10, 2007

Where You Been?

* We bought a house about a month ago. So there's been all kinds of related nuisnances/turmoil/drama with that. Nothing too serious, except for a lot of negotiations and trying to come up with the down payment, etc. But every day there's something new with it. I find myself having conversations like "Yeah, that's a great armoire" or "that shade of blue will be great in the back bedroom." And these TLC shows are now much watching.

* I also am in the process of looking for a new job. It looks pretty good. I don't want to give any details about this for fear of violating some sort of anti-blogging policy. But I can say this: I hope to become in charge of security and asset protection for a big department store. You may ask yourself how the fuck this has happened in my life. I do myself. The pay is great and one of the job requirements asked of me was "Do you have the ability to secretly listen in on conversations of people as they plot shoplifting attempts?" Do I ever!

* In addition, I am in a sketch comedy group. Our show is on March 23/24. I'll plug this later on. It has been a retarded amount of fun. A few months ago, I took a sketch comedy class that I thought was going to be awful. It was the exact opposite of this and I kept in touch with a few of my classmates. We decided to take our sketch comedy class, write more sketches and now perform them. We rehearse a few times a week and it's a lot of work. but a bunch of fun.

If I have learned one thing about myself in this group, it's this: I am the worst actor in the history of the world. I am pitiful. So it's great.

* More later, particularly about the great trip I took a few weeks ago that the legendary undiscovered comic genius FROG requested that I write about via MySpace. Will do, son. Will do.


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