Monday, January 08, 2007

Be on the look out for a weight loss commercial

There was an absolutely fantastic weight loss commercial on during the NFL playoffs.

Dan Marino is the head spokesman for this product. During the commercial, various other professional sports figures -- Don Shula, Sean Sailsbury, other NFL figures -- say real quickly about how much weight they lose. "I lost 18 pounds, Dan!"

Then they show Phillies legend and current Baseball Tonight co-host John Kruk.

"I lost 31 pounds! My wife doesn't find me disgusting anymore!"

I think this is the funniest commercial ever made. A grown man saying "My wife doesn't find me disgusting anymore."

I wish all weight loss commercials would contain this kind of banter.

"I can give my husband an erection again, I'm under 180."
"I don't feel like sitting in the garage with the car turned on after I eat a Hot Pocket anymore."

I wonder how this ranks on John Kruk's personal career moments. How does this public shaming compare with the horrors of testicular cancer? Or the time he got a single, called time out, dusted himself off, grabbed first base, ran out of the stadium and retired.


Blogger Lou said...

I was in the kitchen when this commercial came on, and my girlfriend laughed about it. When I came back in she told me about Kruk saying that, only she didn't know it was Kruk, she just said it was 'some guy.' If only I would have known, it would have made it so much funnier.

Not that it isn't funny now, but yeah.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he traded his uniform number for a case of tasty cakes and a case of beer.

11:35 AM  

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