Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Best Soundtracks From The Most Anonymous Movies of the 1990's

1. Angus
I feel bad saying Angus is an anonymous 90's movie, because it's actually a hidden minor classic which pops up on TNT here and there. It's a cross between an After School Special and Freaks and Geeks. The lead character is Angus, an overweight dorky kid in 8th grade who is into science and is picked on by the jocks (despite being the best offensive lineman). Kathy Bates plays his mom and does not get naked. James Vanderbeek plays the lead asshole douchebag kid and is the anti-Dawson. The big climactic dance scene prominently features "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star, the alt-rock nerd slow song du jour of the time period.

That song is not on the soundtrack. But what is on the soundtrack: the best Green Day song ("J.A.R."), two of the five best Ash songs ("Jack Names The Planets," "Kung Fu"), a very solid Dance Hall Crashers song, a freaking RIVERDALES song, the 2nd best Weezer b-side ("You Gave Your Love To Me Softly," first best is "Jamie" which is on the DGC Rarities comp), the second best Muffs song ("Funny Face," first best is "Everywhere I Go"), two solid entries by Tilt and Pansy Division and it ends with "Was I Wrong" by Love Spit Love, which was the Psychadelic Furs with a lineup change, and is one of the best little-recalled singles of the decade (and should be on par with The La's.)

Seriously, Angus is like a mix tape I'd make when I was 20 for whatever girl I stalked at the time.

Fuck, this is probably the best album I own.
2. Meet The Deedles/Scream 2
I have no idea what the fuck Meet The Deedles is about. I think maybe something with extreme sports? Scream 2 is the sequel to Scream. I didn't see either of those, but I have seen all three chapters of Cruel Intentions. But these soundtracks stand out for two elusive but stand-out Weezer b-sides/side projects. "American Girls" by Homie is some sort of Weezer/Soul Coughing combination and is one my favorite power-pop songs. It's kind of like Rivers listened to a lot of Ben Folds and said "yeah, let me try this out for that soundtrack for the extreme sports comedy the record company is making me do." It's just as good as anything on the first three Weezer albums (and I maintain The Green Album, save for "Crab", is just as great as the first two Weezer albums.)
"Rivers" by Sugar Ray is on the Scream 2 soundtrack. Mark McGrath decided to write an homage song to Rivers Cuomo and had Sugar Ray do a Weezer-type power-pop song and... fuck, he pulled it off. But is this surprising, considering that Sugar Ray was the best bubblegum singles band of their era? (Just fucking admit it already. You know every word to all of their radio hits.)
Aside from those two stand-outs, one could make a pretty decent ska-punk mix tape out of the rest of the material on the albums. Scream 2 does have an unfortunate Dave Matthews song, hence the lack of a picture.

3. The Judgment Night Soundtrack

I saw this movie one time once on HBO. It's dreadful and is some sort of dreck about Emilio Estevez<>


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