Monday, January 29, 2007

Comedy Night Hijinks

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Shubin on Saturday night.

For those of you not in attendance who are curious as to what happened, here is a rundown. I read three stories. The first story I read was the story I read at UCB and posted on here a while back, which details in brutal honesty about how my then-girlfriend accidentally farted on my face the first time I ever "went downtown."

There is now a new chapter to that story.

Apparently a homeless guy (the dude who opens the door for folks at the Wawa at 2nd and South) was in the theater when I was recounting this tale. After this story was completed, he got up and left, getting into a discussion with Greg, the guy who booked the show. Here is what transpired:

HOMELESS GUY: "Yeah, that was tight, man. I got off to it. Real nice."
DUDE WHO PUT ON THE SHOW: "Good. Glad you liked it."
HOMELESS GUY: "Yeah. Let me ask you, you do anything with live actors?"
DUDE WHO PUT ON THE SHOW: "Yeah, uhm, it's an improv show, so we have actors doing live stuff all the rest of the night."
HOMELESS GUY: "No, I mean do they do any live sex on stage?"

So, now my story is used for this man's personal gratification. This is absolutely horrifying, but also pretty awesome.


Blogger Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Imagine the homeless man's gratification if it had been a wet fart.

6:39 PM  

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