Thursday, February 01, 2007

I just want to talk about hair care


This is the full version of the thoroughly insane and brilliant press conference by the two art students who got arrested for the whole Aqua Teen Hunger Force Bomb Scare which pretty much shut down Boston yesterday.

Their remarks are pretty awesome, talking non-stop about hair care of previous decades. All while their attorney stands next to them. These guys are allright by me.

While I appreciate anyone who creates a public spectacle of this magnitude, that lawyer should get disbarred. I mean, these dudes are facing a shitload of serious FELONY charges. As it stands now, they're eventually going to have to stand before a trial jury. A jury made up of people who got stuck in a shitload of traffic because of a stupid marketing ploy gone awry. Doing an Andy Kaufmann stunt to this same audience isn't the best legal strategy I've ever heard of. I mean, it's hilarious to me and probably you. But probably not to my mom and dad. But it's not my life and/or freedom at risk, so I'll just sit back and enjoy. I hope they have some more media appearances.


Blogger Lou said...

There is a 100% chance that, during Adult Swim tonight [Thursday] there will be some good between-episode notes.

2:42 PM  

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