Thursday, February 01, 2007

Two Things

1) I highly suggest that you go to yahoo and type in chiggers and then hit images. The strangest, most bizarre collection of websites pops up. All of the pictures are completely horrifying. It reminds me of "Germany's Most Terrifying Home Movies" from Sprockets.

2) Thinking some more about the Aqua Teen saga... I know a lot of people think that the city/state government in Boston overreacted, and that this is life in Bush's America... but I'd rather have a government that overreacted to a mysterious package that was actually a media prank than a government that underreacted to a media prank that was actually a mysterious package.

And as much as I love the dudes who put these things up... someone needs to get in trouble for this. Because if no one gets in a lot of trouble for this, that's a really bad precedence. A) A lot of dumbasses are going to try the same kinds of things at cities across the country, since they see the free PR these guys got. B) The next time there is a suspicious package placed on a key piece of infrastructure, the first responders who have to go to these things might not be so quick or alert, presuming it'a s joke, and a lot of reaaaaly bad shit could happen. Seriously, why wouldn't some sort of terrorist now make a bomb that looks like SpongeBob or something? Or make like 45 things that looked completely innocent except for the one that is actually a bomb that blows up a corridor Penn Station?

The Boston Globe is reporting that the dude with the dreadlocks asked the marketing company behind all of this what to do when Boston was going under lock down. And the company told him to keep what was going on on the DL and didn't disclose what they did until a few hours after the fact.

Now that makes a lot more sense. The dude who put these up starts freaking out, but he doesn't know what to do.

That also probably explains their attitude at the press conference. Their lawyer, who I initially thought was a dipshit for letting his clients hang themselves in front of a potential jury pool, probably already has someone in the works for these guys and wants them to get some free publicity out of the thing. Punishing those two proves nothing, the real people who should get in trouble are the marketing company/Turner folks who let this thing go on. And the DA knows this and a flip or whatever is only seconds away.

Plus, I doubt those two have any loyalty to the marketing company. I read somewhere (too lazy to look it up) that they only got paid $300 for all of this. My loyalty couldn't even be bought for that much.

I just hope there's a way these guys could get a few more TV appearances.


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i agree gregg. good points.


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